Let your hard work continue at Housing Ministry - Ogua Traditional Council

March 22, 2024
Let your hard work continue at Housing Ministry - Ogua Traditional Council

The Ogua Traditional Council has commended the efforts of the Minister for Works and Housing, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah in safeguarding coastal areas against the erosive forces of the sea.

During a recent working visit by the Minister to inspect ongoing construction of sea defence projects in the Central Region, the Council expressed their deep appreciation in seeing the Minister hit the ground running, especially considering the short time since he assumed office as Sector Minister.

"We applaud the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the Minister particularly during this short time he assumed office as Minister," stated Nana Kwesi Atta II, the Omanhen of the Ogua Traditional Area.

He said the Council took note of the transformative impact the Minister had at the Ministry of Information in handling government communications and if they’re to judge by the same standards, the Minister will do a good job in his new portfolio.

Nana Kwesi Atta II emphasized the importance of government’s ongoing efforts in safeguarding coastal areas against the devastating effects of tidal waves recognizing the critical role played by these initiatives in ensuring the safety and stability of their communities.

"As custodians of our land and heritage, we urge the government through the Minister to persist in its endeavors to protect our coastal towns and enhance the resilience of our communities," continued Nana Kwesi Atta II.

The Minister in return thanked the Traditional Council and reiterated government’s commitment to expediting construction works.

Works on the Cape Coast sea defence projects as of the time of inspection is at 79% complete with the construction of armour rock revetment and groynes to protect 5,000 metres of the coastal stretch.

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