Ghana Wins Seat on Shelter Afrique Development Bank Board at the 43rd AGM in Kigali

June 18, 2024
Ghana Wins Seat on Shelter Afrique Development Bank Board at the 43rd AGM in Kigali

The Ministry of Works and Housing of Ghana is delighted to announce that Ghana has secured a prestigious seat on the board of the Shelter Afrique Development Bank. This significant achievement was made during the 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Shelter Afrique, held from June 11-13, 2024, in Kigali, Rwanda.

Ghana's election to the board of Shelter Afrique Development Bank marks another major milestone, positioning the country to play a crucial role in shaping policies and decisions that will drive access to affordable housing in Ghana and across Africa.

On the sidelines of the AGM, African Housing Ministers, including the Honourable Minister from Ghana, explored ways to deliver less expensive housing units and provide easier financing options to enable citizens to have access to affordable housing. These discussions were pivotal in identifying innovative solutions to the housing challenges faced by many African countries. The Honourable Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Minister for Works and Housing, underscored the need for increased interventions to benefit the people of Ghana, highlighting the importance of public-private partnerships in driving sustainable housing projects.

Ghana is also aiming to increase its capitalization with the Shelter Afrique Development Bank from 4.8% to 10%. This move is expected to enhance Ghana’s ability to attract financing for its affordable housing projects, ultimately improving access to housing for all.

"The election of Ghana to the Shelter Afrique Development Bank board is a testament to our commitment to improving housing conditions in our country. I am committed to adding value at the board level to ensure that Ghana’s representation and participation helps achieve the collective objective of all member countries," stated Arc. Chris Pobee, Director of Housing at the Ministry of Works and Housing and the newly elected Director of the Shelter Afrique Board.

The AGM featured an Annual Symposium, a Ministerial Roundtable, and various business sessions. Key stakeholders, including shareholders from Member States, the African Development Bank, and Africa-Re, gathered to discuss the theme of sustainable partnerships in the affordable housing finance value chain. These discussions underscored the need for collaborative efforts to address the housing crisis in Africa and promote sustainable development.

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